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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dining Chairs to Covet

Recently I have found numerous pictures of chairs that I have ripped out of magazines for reference, only to discover that they all share a similar "bent"----It seems that my sub-conscious is gravitating towards the same look in several various and fabulous incarnations.

The Emmerson Chair
This lovely chairs have a slightly Asian feel but the gray white finish and the beautiful Abaca woven seat lead me to believe that they could look fantastic in any decor. They are on sale at the moment so lets hope Pottery Barn keeps this darling for the long run!

The Nguni Chair
Clean lines, beautiful craftsmanship, & an ethnic feel without the usual embellishments have taken this simple chair to another level of chic. Made in the South African Delta and sold but a Spanish company, they may be more difficult to get than just a click away but certainly worth the effort for the outcome will be outstanding!

The Kadrega ("chair" in Milanese dialect)
Slightly different from the previous and a bit more modern, these Italian lovelies are yet to be priced but I dare say I think that they will be making a trip from Milan to Los Angeles in order to grace my dining room. I would love to see them with the Large Tableaux Dining Table!