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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tick Tock, 5 Great Clocks…

1.)The Nelson Asterisk Clock is fun, modern, and perfect décor for anyone with a sense of humor. With its simple modern design, it is a great accent piece for the minimalist who refuses to take themselves too seriously.

2.)The Innermost UK’s Ghost Clock really is an amazing re-creation of a traditional carriage clock. The classic etching on the clock’s glass face and roman numerals, are reflected by a strategically placed mirror that makes this clock a beautiful timepiece and a fantastic accessory.

3.)Five years ago I never dreamed I would be blogging about great clocks from Target, but today I am. A new take on the vintage cuckoo clock, the Utopia Wall Clock is a Mark Cutler Design favorite. Delicate edge detail and a swinging pendulum make this clock perfect for a kid’s room, living room, or any room that is in need of a fun piece that won’t be going out of style any time soon.

4.)My fourth great wall clock on this list (also from Target) is by Designer Sami Hayek. As a design professional, this piece spoke to me immediately; reminiscent of the color wheel I had back in design school. I think this one might be my favorite, with its tiny splashes of bright colors on a simple wood background. I could see this clock in my home office as a perfect daily reminder of those color wheel days, and just how far I’ve come.

5.)Lastly, the Wenge Clock by Architect Jason Linde takes a backward look at a traditional clock. This design is not only unique, but it combines simplicity, innovation, and style. A great conversation piece, this clock is for the décor-a-holic looking for the clock that no one else has.