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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Using Mirrors in Decoration

It occurred to me as I was going over a bunch of old images, that I use mirrors a lot in my work. This is not by any means a deliberate decision, but is more of an intuitive one. So I thought today, I would put some thoughts down about ways you may want to consider using mirror to create a more dynamic room.
  • First of all, be sure that you have something to reflect. Try sitting or standing in the spot that benefits most from the mirror's reflection, and see what you see. Hopefully, it will be a view to a window or a vista through the house, not a direct shot at the Powder Room.
  • If the spot that you deem for your mirror has an unfortunate view, but you are determined that is still the location, consider an antiqued mirror, it will break up the view but still throw some nice light around the room.
  • Another way to break up a less than ideal view in your reflection is to use a collection of mirrors, like I did in the image above, that will also help with your problem.
  • Treat the mirror almost like another window in the room. If it is going on a wall opposite a window, you may want to consider mimicking the windows proportion, or keeping the top of the mirror at the same height as the top of the window. The same thing can be said about floor standing mirrors, try to keep them about the same size as any doors that are nearby.
  • Lastly mirror walls. I am personally not a big fan, I understand that it can help open a space up and can make a space more dramatic, but for me it is uncomfortable to keep seeing movement in the corner of my eye every time I walk through the room.

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