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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

House Beautiful 500 Paint Colors

So my new favorite IPAD app is by Zinio, and for those of you who want to see the future of the publishing industry its there. This App allows me to read ENTIRE magazines, front to back, including ads, but not just a paltry few, a mind blowing array of titles from general interest to home decor. I can now safely go off to a restaurant to eat with 20 magazines safely downloaded to my IPAD and flip through them at my leisure, it's my guilty pleasure!

Anyway last night I bought on Zinio a bookazine from House Beautiful, featuring the favorite colors of some of my favorite designers. After skimming the pages I saw there was a quote there from my favorite designer of all....ME!

Her's the quote "I have one of those little green boxes from Laduree, the Paris pastry shop, on my desk. Turns out my client has one too, and we recreated that Laduree green on her Kitchen island. It's an incredibly complex color, a weird combination of yellow and gree with this red undertone. Beautiful"

In case you want to check out the color it is:
Fine Paints of Europe


Katie said...

I absolutely love the look of this ultra romantic and girly kitchen. Very sweet! Here's another blog I love about kitchen design options: http://www.kitchenimproved.com/

Rent apartment Rio said...

to make house beautiful we have to choose good colors...A gorgeous home,Those are fantastic illustrations, thanks for sharing.