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Monday, February 26, 2007

The First Post

This is the first of what I hope will be many, many posts in the time ahead.
You might wonder what is the goal here, well I think that this is a great medium to bring my philosophy of design to a large audience. I plan to post images not just of my work, but also images that I find that highlight particular design ideas, and I plan to discuss issues that people face when trying to create environments for themselves.
I hope you enjoy.
The image on the right is a project that I recently completed in Los Angeles. I will post more images in the days and weeks ahead but for now I think this image of an Entry Hall is a great picture for the entry to my Blog.
The floor is a pattern that we saw at the entry to Banana Republic in San Francisco and fell in love with. It is made of three different stones and i think creates a very dramatic entry to the home. The chandelier is one of my personal favourites, it was designed by Fuse Lighting (http://www.fuselighting.com) and is made of thousands of Capis shells strung together and is held up with leather straps. The whole effect is quite magical when there is the slightest breeze, it becomes like a giant wind chime. At night it is possibly the most elegant, shimmering chandelier you could imagine.
I am particularly fond of the tension between the light airy chandelier and the heaviness of the stone. Great design exists in that space of tension.
Most of my design work is an eclectic mix of periods and styles, I firmly believe that design should be like a portrait and should speak volumes about the people who live there.


G&G said...

What a beautiful, enchanting space! It is truly an amazing piece of art. I'm sure the people who live in this lovely home think of you every day with love and great appreciation for your immense talent. You are already a success, but I forsee a very bright future for someone so obviously gifted. I look forward to your next blog with eager anticipation!

Mark Cutler said...

Thank you for your kind words! The people who live here have become, dear and trusted friends. One of the best things about design is the way you can so intimately affecct peoples lives with just a simple gesture.

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