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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rethink Venetian Plaster

One of the biggest challenges in constantly trying to create something new and fresh for each different project, is finding new ways of using common materials. This posting is about a small room that I particularly love. It's a Powder Room that I did, where I wanted to create a very detailed but subtle pattern on the wall. I knew that I wanted to use Venetian Plaster (a tinted colored plaster), the beauty of it, is it's subtle shading of color. So the new technique I developed (well in the interest of full disclosure, had the plaster guy develop), involved using a plastic stencil, like you would use for stencilling. We did a coat of plaster over the wall, then, after it dried, using spray adhesive, attached the stencil to the wall, then applied another coat of plaster. Then you peel away the stencil and it leaves behind a wonderfully subtle raised pattern.

This may sound like a fairly complicated technique, and it certainly requires a certain amount of skill. But you could easily develop a simpler technique, while still using the stencil.

  • Maybe a very subtle painted technique (using the same color but one coat with a flat paint, and one with a gloss)
  • Try stencilling over a textured wallpaper, I think stencilling over grass cloth is a particularly good technique.
  • Using the stencils to create a panelled look in your room.

The important thing is to think creatively about your resources, you might be amazed what you can come up with.


chubirka said...

I really love the classic feel of this technique. It reminds me of lush tone on tone wallpapers... only better

Venetian Plaster New York said...

That is one perfect design... love the colors and the textures :)

Polished Plaster Melbourne said...

Hey Mark

This is amazing. I wonder if we couldn't share ideas, we are specialist venetian plasterer group in australia, feel free to see some of our work at our site bishopdecor.com.au

Faux Finish New York said...

The plaster is then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth. Thanks I like it!

Darrell Morrison said...

fantastic idea!! i have heard of many finishers using vinyl decals instead of a stencil less time consuming..

Steve Manby said...

Not sure if the previous poster got the gist of the technique used here a vinyl decal??
comparing this to a raised stencil design shows lack of experience with plaster....good job your in la,or you may of gotten a "decal" from Mr. Morrison

Steve Manby said...

h forgot...the powder room turned out fantastic...great look!