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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing it Right...

Having a strange love for all types of art and accessories, I have always been a fan of grouping a collection on a wall. Even if the collection runs the gamut from modern to vintage, I think a grouping, if done correctly, really showcases all items beautifully. To keep the grouping looking clean and more uniform, consider framing everything in the same frame or mat. Also, mixing contemporary and found items always adds interest.
Getting the items up and arranged seems daunting, but to make it less overwhelming, try laying them out on the floor first. This makes things much easier and will save you the time of patching your walls when you change your mind! Below are a few collections that inspired me enough to start my own. These collectors are doing it right!
I am currently in the process of re-framing some items and then I will have them up. I will post a pic when they are all on the wall!

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