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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 Ways to Create an Inviting Guest Room

Hello! I’m Beth, a guest blogger for Timeless Wrought Iron, an online source for wonderful wrought iron furnishings. I spend my days searching the web for beautiful interior design images and ideas then share them with blog readers like you. Today, I bring you tips for creating a stylish and cozy guest room. I hope you enjoy!

When designing a guest room, you’ll want to focus on beauty and function. Think of how you like to be treated when you are a guest in someone’s home. Creating a welcoming space doesn’t have to be difficult, however, it is all in the details. Below you’ll find some ideas for bringing an inviting guest room together and insuring your guest’s stay will be enjoyable and memorable.  

Create the most inviting atmosphere possible, while anticipating your guest’s needs. This bedroom is the ultimate guest room.

Provide guests with a selection of beverages, glassware and snacks. Bottled water, their favorite libation and fruit and nuts are a nice touch. 

Make the bed as comfortable as possible, so they’ll sink into luxury. Down comforters, plump pillows, and Egyptian cotton sheets will have them sleeping peacefully. Don’t forget to turn the bed linens down ahead of time. A mint on the pillow or a little nosegay is always a nice touch.

Place a luggage rack or bench at the foot of the bed so they have a place to leave their bags where they’re easily accessible. Benches can double as a place for guests to slip on shoes. A wrought iron bench with upholstered cushion would work well in this space.

Give guests plenty of light sources for activities such as reading. Also, make sure you provide sufficient window coverings to block natural light for sleeping late in the mornings.

Furnishing the guest room with a desk gives your guests a place to work or set up their computer.

Provide a comfy robe for each guest to give them a luxurious hotel feel. White robes such as the one pictured here are particularly nice.

Fill the bathroom with loads of fluffy towels, bath oil, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, tissue and other grooming supplies. A fragrant candle is always a welcome gift.

What are your favorite ways to make your guests feel at home?

Leave a comment and let me know then be sure click here to visit Timeless Wrought Iron for wrought iron furniture and accessories.

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toko baju muslim said...

that good interior very nice

Ari Z said...

It's all about taking what you would want in a great bedroom and just incorporating those elements into a guest bedroom. What makes you feel warm and relaxed?