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Friday, November 2, 2007

Using a Screen as a Filter

The project I am showing today is one that I particularly like which I recently did in San Francisco. It is a great little house which had a very small but nice Entry, so the previous owner had opened up the wall to give it a greater sense of space and allow a view of the Dining room. Great idea ,right? Well yes, sort of. What ended up happening was that there was now no privacy in the dining Room, so the owner then went and put shutters up, to provide some privacy.
Well I came on board when the house was sold and thought that the opening was a great idea, but a screen would be a terrific buffer between the two spaces. You can see in the lower picture how using an old screen from India, becomes almost like an art piece, and a wonderful transition between the spaces.
Using old architectural elements like this can really liven up a space and add warmth and personality to boot. So take a look around at old architectural salvage places and see what you can find, or even places that sell pieces from India and throughout Asia, they can be tremendous resources for those found treasures.


bonnie: said...

I like the screen and the shutters. I guess it depends on your taste, or what mood you find yourself in that season. 8]

Brilliant Asylum said...

Your use of the lattice element is wonderful--it reminds me of the little window in Count Omaje's (sp?) room in Cairo in The English Patient.

All About Window Shutters said...
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