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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Space at the Top of the Stairs

Almost every house has them, those small awkward spaces lurking around every corner. Most of us can't afford to give up that space and are looking for ways to make it useful. Here is an idea that you might find helpful. This is a space that was on a stair landing of a house that I recently worked on. We thought it would make a great little reading nook, so we added a little window seat, with storage below, and then some handy book storage all around.
Some ways that you can dress up this space:
  • Paint the back of the book cases an alternate color
  • Add "feet" to the cabinet so it has more of a furniture type feel
  • Create a valance over the top, it will unify the whole piece, and that sense of a "ceiling" will make the seat more cozy.


Jordan Cappella said...

Hola Mark!

It was so nice to meet you in person, I hope we can get together over lunch.


sara said...
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sara said...

Hi Mark,
Sorry to post this on such an old post! I love the stair landing window seat in that picture!

I hope this isn't too spammy, but I wanted to share a website tool that lets you search Amazon's bookcases by dimensions. I created it myself over the last couple of weeks because I wanted to find a bookcase to fill a specific spot. It's been so useful to me I was hoping other people might like it too.