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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madeline Weinrib Rugs

I have to admit that I cannot take credit for this post. My friend Casey Roy, a very talented designer from San Antonio mentioned Madeline on her Facebook page a couple of days ago, so I had to go and check it out, and sure enough, another treasure!

Madeline Weinrib, does a lot of textiles, fashion etc, and some beautiful rugs, but the ones that totally caught my attention were the denim ones. It makes me want to go out and buy a beach house real bad! While there are no prizes for the imagination of the names, the rugs are really quite pretty, sort of like Levi Strauss in Gees Bend!


Commercial carpet cleaning services said...

Beautiful colorful rugs I like it...

Nancy said...

I discovered Madeline Weinrib last year and it was love at first sight! I can spot her rugs in any home decor magazine in a flash.

I now own two area rugs and two small throw rugs as well as a gorgeous Suzani pillow. I found one rug on a Katy Elliott's blog, the pillow on ebay and the other rugs on Craig's List.

I wish I lived in New York so I could see them all in person. I've been very intrigued by her denim collection as well. Her cotton weave rugs are also beautiful quality. I have a cat and she loves them too ;) The first time I saw her stretch and scratch I was afraid they had become her new disposable play toys but there's not a loose thread in sight.

Sadly, her rugs and pillows are quite expensive. But, I'm saving up because I'd love to fill my home with Madeline's designs. I also adore the colors she works with...I haven't seen that kind of variety anywhere else.

One last great point....the rugs clean up very easily. Our furbabies tend to have tummy issues and they see to aim for the rug...even when there's an easy to clean floor a few inches away! My rugs are light colors and you'd never know they'd seen a few hairballs! ;)

Susan said...

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