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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yesterday was an exciting day, I gave two presentations at EVO-South, the condominium building in downtown Los Angeles where we did a model unit.

My presentation was about how to build collections that will last a lifetime. Many times as designers we are brought on when people are on their second or third homes, and we inherit pieces that are either poor quality or inappropriate stylistically. My model at EVO was designed with flexibility and economy in mind.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind a you start building your own collection:
  1. Buy the best quality upholstery you can afford, in the most basic configuration. Good upholstery pieces can really last a lifetime, buy pieces that have a solid frame (kiln dried wood, glued and nailed and eight way hand tied). As you move from home to home re upholstery is always an option and will always give you a bright new look.
  2. Buy smaller tables etc they will allow more flexibility later on. At the EVO you can see we did a cluster of tables instead of a large single coffee table, in the next home, these could become side tables or even bedside tables, these are a good investment.
  3. For things that are very site specific, especially when you are starting out, do not spend a lot of money. For instance these shelves in the Office area, we not expensive pieces so if they are not perfect for the next place there is no great pressure to use them we can give them away. If we spent a lot of money on them, the situation would be much different.

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