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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I honestly believe that you should make the most of your storage space in a home. Now, I’m by no means referring to stuffing as much as you can into a single drawer or cupboard, instead I’m actually referring a far more creative usage that is practical and still meets the requirements of a good storage space.

Paying the same amount of attention to a closet as you would to an ordinary room gives you the chance to really bring out the best in something as simple as storing your clothing. This particular closet has custom wood shelving and drawers that gave the client ample space to store all their clothes and accessories. The shelves almost reach to the ceiling so I added a ladder that is both useful and decorative. The rug and hanging light fixture helps give the room a sense of depth and warmth that makes the entire space so inviting that you would probably take your time getting dressed in the morning.

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Beautiful and stunning design.