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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some of My Favorite Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms are some of my favorite rooms to design, because they can be light small flights of fancy. I really like to entertain, so creating a room where you hang with your friends on special occasions are very special events for me. Here are some of my favorites:

This one is in an old Hollywood mansion that we remodeled for a client who was a writer. So we decided to move the Dining Room into the Library. Unfortunately when we shot this for Met Home, they wanted clear shelves, but normally this room is full of books, which makes it a very cozy and inviting Dining Room to be in. 

I always like the contrast between old and new and in this home , we deliberately created an older Tuscan feel and then used cleaner more modern furniture. The chairs were from Hinson and the chandelier was Dessin Fournir.

We have newer Italian modern chairs in this room now (I need to get new pictures), but this room is a great collection of pieces, a chandelier from the South of France, a ruf grom Tibet with a huge Floral pattern and a modern Industrial table.

This room is interesting, the architect designed a two story high Dining Room, which felt a little stark, so by using a linen sheer we were able to create a lower ceiling that felt almost like a wonderful tent. The polished concrete floors add a little sparkle too and stops the room from feeling too feminine.


Tim @ Furnetcha said...

The blend of styles in the third dining room picture works really well. I would be interested to see the newer chairs you're referring to. But I like the chairs that are in the picture. Do you happen to know where they came from and approximately how much they might've cost? Thanks!

Michelle Gordon said...

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