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Friday, October 7, 2011

Trolling 1st Dibs

Fridays are great days to spend some time catch up on the flotsam and jetsam. There is no better place than that than 1stDibs. I especially like the more esoteric things you can find, today I was in the Outsider and Self Taught Artist section, there are some cool things here. I am totally in love with the Ruler Bouquet!
 A Bouquet of Folding Rulers
21st Century
An original assemblage of vintage folding rulers. Can be adjusted as needed.


21st century
Oil and graphite on plywood.


Howard Finster is perhaps the most famous self-taught artist of all time. Born in Alabama, he attended school for 6 years. Howard married Pauline Freeman in 1935 and had 5 children. He was a jack-of-all-trades: house painter, bicycle and lawnmower repairman-anything to support his family. Howard was a Baptist Minister for about 40 years until, in 1965, he realized no one in his congregation was listening to him. At this time he was directed by the Lord to transform his swampland in Pennville, Georgia into Paradise Garden. In 1976 an angel appeared upon the paint on his finger and said“paint sacred art”.
Howard never stopped. He was inspired to get out the Lord’s message. Finster was a master promoter. After his first dealer, Jeff Camp, failed to sell his painting, he found Phyllis Kind who brought his work to prominence. Finster and his family produced some 50,000 works many of which were signed, dated and numbered.


c. 1950's
Variable Speed Control | Working Mechanical Carousel with Animals and Men


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