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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Book- HOUSE

One of my biggest criticisms of a lot of new design books is that they are verbose, to the point of distraction. This new book, by Diane Keaton, called HOUSE, brings new meaning to the phrase, "a picture is worth thousand words".
One of the first things that strikes you in book, is the sheer lack of words, page after page is one glorious photo after another.
In the interest of full disclosure I actually toured a project of mine with Diane as she was researching this book (we were not selected) but the body of work here is really impressive. 
Work from all over the world is featured, I am pleased to see some Australians featured as I think some of the most interesting work is done there, especially in this realm.

The striking photo's are credited to Lisa Hardaway, Paul Hester and Paul Warchol. Each is like a work of art, and I will definitely do more research into their work, as they mange to illicit such strong imagery from simple vernacular.

While the theme of the book is obviously contemporary it is interesting to see the reinterpretation of traditional shapes and materials into fresh visions.
One of my favorites is the work done with humble shipping containers,,,,, and also the simple and elegant use of regular industrial elements.

So check out this great new addition to any library, it is available on Amazon today

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