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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sometimes its just the strangest things that get my attention

I am fascinated by the idea of man made Islands, I guess as a child I always wanted my own private Island, and I thought at the time that all the land was used up, so I would have to make one! I know, I was not the smartest kid on the block.

Well today I wanted to show two man made island projects.

The first is in the Caspian sea off the coast of Azerbaijan, and it's called Neft Dashlari. It may not be the first man made island project , but it caught my interest. It is actually a whole series of olil rigs taht are linked together by roads and platforms. It was built in the 50's by Stalin, and featured in a James Bond film.

The other is a lot more well known, and are the Palm Jumeirah Islands. At first I saw this project with horror, now I am kind of warmed up to it. It's intersting to see how Western the actual streetscape is, it kind of looks like parts of Orange County....go figure!

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