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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hickory Centennial Design Challenge

Hickory Chair is having their first ever design challenge. It is being hosted over on Facebook. It coincides with their centennial anniversary.

The competition is broken into three areas. General Public, Students and Professionals.

I decided to enter because I am a huge fan of Hickory Chair and also because I think that it is important that design professionals show the world what a creative bunch we are.

I designed a Mud Room Bench, because it is one of those pieces that I am always looking for, but never have found just the right piece. I hope that this is the one I am looking for.

If you are a Facebook member please follow the link and vote. You can only vote once so each vote is very important.

Please encourage your family and friends too,,, repost this as well.

Anyway, thanks in advance

1 comment:

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

This is great!
I am a huge fan of Hickory Chair and bought many of their pieces for clients through the years.
(Have a lot of their upholstered pieces in my house too!)

Love what you did.
Will vote for you!