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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Beauty of Simplicity

Orchids perfectly illustrate the concept of simple beauty.  These flowering plants are highly prized for their precious blooms. A single orchid flower can be a stunning addition to a table or desk in the home. The beauty of simplicity is a unique way to approach design and decorating for the home.

Beautiful design doesn't need to be overly ornate or complex. Understated elegance in the line of a chair, the color of a wood floor, or the pattern on an area rug can be alluring and still be simple. Letting the material and form be the stars of the design is a popular current approach to design and decorating.

Japanese design is a perfect example of the concept of the beauty of simplicity. Each object and each piece of furniture is carefully chosen for its form and color. Every piece in a design relates to each other, to create a whole that is beautifully balanced. Color, form, pattern and texture all integrate each object and the room as a whole.

Mindful selection of each piece in our room and in our home can create a simplistic beauty that brings a sense of calm and peace with it. Surrounding ourselves, not with the clutter of too many objects, but the beauty of a few is a nice way to live in peaceful simplicity.

I took this approach when decorating my house, and while it is more “cottage” than “minka,” it still feels refreshingly peaceful.

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