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Friday, February 3, 2012

Nothing is Permanent, Not Even a Tattoo

What do tattoos have to do with a design blog? This picture is a reminder that nothing we do in design has to be permanent. Not even tattoos are permanent today. This doesn't mean that the "mom" tattoo you got on a whim will be easy or inexpensive to remove, but it can be done. The same is true for design mistakes. 

Some design mistakes can be easily changed while others are more expensive to fix or remove. If you choose the wrong throw pillow for your sofa, you can return it. Easy. If you paint your walls a color you decide is a mistake, you can paint over the old color with a new color. This can be easy or more difficult depending on the colors. Paint and primer are quick and relatively inexpensive ways to change or correct a design mistake.

Flooring and tile are more expensive and labor intensive to install. For these reasons, you want to be certain of your choice before making a decision on these features.  Getting samples and testing them out in your home with your existing furniture and design elements can help save you from making a choice you won't want to live with for years to come. Again, if you do choose wrong, you can always change to something you do love and adore, for a price. ( Word of advice though—don’t buy that red velvet sofa with gold fringe if you aren’t absolutely head over heels for it—you might want to stick with a throw pillow instead :)

In the grand scheme of things, righting a design mistake is easily done and much easier than removing a tattoo. While I don’t have one, I have made my share of design mistakes in my own home that just weren’t me. I hope this will help you be confident in your design choices and decisions. 

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