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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get Fresh in the Kitchen

OK, so New Year’s has come and gone—have you stuck to your resolutions so far? If getting healthier is on your list, you’re not the only one, this is the #1 goal for many, me included.  Healthy goals (the usual suspects) might include eating healthier, more exercise or major life changes like weight loss and a lifestyle over-haul.  Applying these same goals to our living space is a good way to make our home's healthier this year too.  Keeping a “fresh” kitchen is a good place to start when maintaining a healthy home.

A fresh kitchen includes everything from the foods in the fridge and cupboards to the décor of the room.  Making our kitchens feel fresh can inspire us to be healthier. Clean counters, floors and appliances are a terrific thing to be greeted with when entering the kitchen; much better than a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. (I’m so guilty). Little changes like staying on top of the dishes, counter crumbs and floor spills can help us love our kitchen a little bit more.

Fresh kitchens use cheerful color to liven up them up. Simple additions like fresh fruit in a bowl on the counter can add color and provide a healthy snack.  I love to find the most beautifully hued produce at the market just to put out in bowls and baskets. Colorful cook books on a shelf or counter top is another way to add a fresh pop of color to your kitchen.  A kitchen that's clean, colorful and filled with healthy, fresh food can inspire us to accomplish our other healthful new year’s goals.

Image: Fit Sugar

1 comment:

JoAnne Loftus said...

"Making our kitchens feel fresh can inspire us to be healthier"

Excellent point. The kitchen is the center of most homes, so attitudes and designs in the kitchen radiate out. If your kitchen is fresh and light, chances are the rest of your life choices reflect that.