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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weave Cupboard by Lukas Dahlén

Since writing a post about knitted furniture recently, everything knitted, crocheted and woven has caught my eye. Traditional techniques are being used to create brilliant, not-so-traditional forms with big impact. Enter Swedish designer Lukas Dahlén and his Weave Cupboard.

The cupboard shown here is reminiscent of a large basket and with good reason—Dahlén used the common wood and weaving technique of taking soft materials and weaving them around a more stable structure.

The designer notes, “The top and bottom plane of the cupboard is held together by sticks kept together like a Windsor chair. Four of the sticks continue down to become legs and two are used as hinges. The weave covers the insides and serves as decoration.

The raw wood seems to have a softness to it as the weave creates an undulating, sensual feel.

Be sure to visit Dahlén's website for more information and to view his other inspired designs.

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