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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One of my Favorite Rooms

I was wondering what to write about today and I was scanning through my old images and I cam across this picture. It's the Living Room of a house that I am still working on (we are doing it in stages), and I just paused when the image came up on my screen, it's one of my favorite rooms I have ever done.

The room is is a Mediterranean house that is fairly new, but we did a lot of work on it to try and make it feel a little more time worn. The goal was not to make it feel old, I believe that doing that you end up feeling like Disneyland, what I wanted was some attention to detail, that created an old world feel.

These are some of the things that we did:

  • Replaced the oak floor with a distressed Walnut floor
  • replaced the baseboard with a ceramic tile border, based on a design from the 1930's
  • Painted the walls a warm glowing gold
  • Replaced the Fireplace with an antique
  • Stencilled the beams in the ceiling
  • Added more lights to the ceiling

All of this gave me a great background to work with. Then we started with the furniture:

  • I built the room around this great cotton print that I found, and used on the drapery, and layered it with a split bamboo shade for texture.
  • I pulled out colors from the drape and used it in solid textures around the room.
  • The textures included, a rough linen, silk velvet and leather
  • I also used a quirky carved wood coffee table that has a lot of detail on it, to add some interest opposite the fireplace.
  • Then lastly, found an antique oriental rug to anchor the same seating group.

I think the room was a great success I hope you enjoy it.


design for mankind. said...

Dear God, I LOOOVE this room. You're up on my blogroll, FYI!

Thanks for this one!

franki durbin said...

mark, it's stunning. No wonder it is one of your favorite rooms. Although the room ahs great bones, seeing the list of things you did to prepare it for the furnishings tells me that the artist (you, my dear) really played your hand here. Such nice attention to detail - and nothing Disney about it.

Gorgeous. I actually love that burnt sienna color (as it appears to be) as the accent color. Stunning. And oh that paned window. Lovely.

What a way to spend the day!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Being a designer in L.A. has to be a wonderful life! The architecture and natural light is so different from what we have on the East Coast. This room is so warm, comfortable and elegant at the same time. Nice job!

P.S. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have added you to my links.
: )

Cote de Texas said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I love your blog and read it but haven't commented lately. I LOVE this room. I love when a print is used for curtains, but not for upholstery and then layered with the bamboo type blinds. I think this is my favorite look of all time. What print did you use for the curtains, it's hard to see in the picture?

melissa @ the inspired room said...

It is a beautiful room! Thanks for sharing it! I can see why it is one of your favorites!


Mark Cutler said...

Cote de Texas-The print fabric is from Cowtan & Tout if I remember correctly...they carry some of my favorite fabrics!