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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Outdoor Fireplaces

With summer quickly becoming a memory, for many people trying to get those last few days and nights of outdoor entertaining it's getting down to the wire. One thing that will help to extend the season is an outdoor fire. The image above is a house that I did at the beach, which has a tendency to get a little cool, even on some nights in the summer. So, a big roaring fire is the perfect solution, but there are other ways to get this, if you aren't so lucky as to have space or budget for a full fireplace, here are some thoughts:
  • Many of the big retailers, like Smith and Hawken still have some portable firepits still available (it's a seasonal item and now is not the season).
  • If using a firepit, be sure to use it on a hard surface and have lots of comfortable chairs. As the nights get cooler, your friends are going to want to sit closer and closer.
  • Another idea, if you are having a special party is dig a firepit in the ground, this will let you build an even bigger blaze, perhaps its not even too late to try this at the beach, now that the summer crowds have gone.
  • When building these fires, don't forget that adding some scented woods, such as apple or pear can make it even more festive.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I love fire pits! We are planning for one on our roof!

Mark Cutler said...

How fantastic! Should be wonderful to sit there in the evenings and look out across the Olive Grove!

Martin said...

This is a very good place for outdoor fireplace. I have also a spare place in my house and also have a small budget of 3000$ to 4000$. Can you recommend me anything for it?
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