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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Look Up

For many years the decorative ceiling has been a reliable friend of the Interior Designer, but it seems in the last few years it has become less and less popular. i think that that is such a shame! A beautiful ceiling design can add so much to a room and create a sense of style and elegance that is almost unachievable in any other way. take the small Music Room that I did above, without that pattern on the ceiling it wouldn't be nearly as dramatic. So todays thought is "Look Up!"

Here are some ideas that you may want to think about:
  • If you don't want a strong pattern on the ceiling, try something softer, maybe the much maligned cloud motif, or even a star constellation.
  • Pattern of any sort too much? What about a stronger color, blue is always pretty but just try using a shade that is two or three shades deeper than what you have on the wall, it can be amazing the effect it will have on the space.
  • Perhaps even wallpaper on the ceiling will give you the lift you need, whether it is a pattern or even just a texture, like grass cloth.
  • Maybe you could use one of the fabrics from the room and apply it on the ceiling like wall paper. Like the accent fabric of a pillow or the drapery.
Let your imagination go wild, you might be amazed what you come up with!


franki durbin said...

such a good observation. I love it when I enter a historic home or elegant space and see the even the ceiling is a work of art. Much of this decline is due to mass produced homes that only take a few months to build.

It's nice to think that these could - and should - come back into common use. A ceiling is a large plane to go unused!

Fairfax said...

Mark... did you see the ceiling we painted blue at the house where i work? It's on my blog and it looks great (except for the pipes they didn't paint - yet!)