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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Some More Blogs to Check Out

There are so many Design Blogs out there, it is almost impossible to keep up. I try to make a daily ritual of going through the Blog Roll, and seeing what is out and about, but oh my goodness, that would take days.
So here are a few more sites that we will be adding to the list, I hope you find some things that interest you, I am sure you will:

Toast and Tables
The House of Beauty and Culture
Robin Sherwood Frecklefarm
Orange Beautiful
Oh Joy
Paris Apartments
Love Made Visible


Anonymous said...

dear Mark,
What a discovery I have made by following the path from a blogger visitor on my journal-site to your door.

You are a wonderfully talented designer.

And thank-you so much for mentioning my blog to your readers.

I will visit again often and soon, now that I know the way here.

susan said...

Mark, me too. I'm often looking all around to find little gems, and there are so many. Thanks for bringing these to my attention, a couple I was not aware of.

Interior Designer Pune said...

Thank you for adding these to your list..I'd take your word on what is worth checking out!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Mark - aren't you a dear? I know it was a different post, but thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I'm remiss in adding you to my own blog roll - and, for that, I apologize. No surprise, many of your favorites are my favorites as well. Thanks, again, for the mention - I'll be stopping in to visit.

Mark Cutler said...

giving AND receiving are just fantastic aren't they!