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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ashleigh's Favorite Design Books

I grew up in the US Virgin Islands & Lake Forest IL---two very different styles pervade both of these very beautiful and amazing places and much of my taste and sense of style stems from the homes of both iconic places. Here are two design books which I feel relate that same sense of graceful style, Regency and Classicism.

Caribbean Elegance
This book provides a true perspective of how different ruling countries style affected local tastes across islands as well as the influence of African design on furniture and architecture. I love the open feeling of these homes which is so valid here in California where weather permits outdoor living much of the year.

Classic Country Estates of Lake Forest: Architecture and Landscape Design, 1856-1940

On the shore of Lake Michigan, north of Chicago IL, lies the historic town of Lake Forest----a virtual intersection of affluence, architecture, interior and landscape design which has continued since its founding 201 years ago. The Wrigley's (of gum fame), Mr Marshall Fields (synonymous with the department stores) and even Mr T have made their mark on this verdant town known as the Beverly Hills of the Midwest. Although this book only covers the country estates, many of which still exist, up until the 1940s, the design aesthetic within is worth perusing. I look forward to a more modern review of the many homes which have been built in Lake Forest since the 1940s which encompass every style and size imaginable!

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