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Friday, January 25, 2008

Creating The Space...

The Guest Bedroom

The holidays are just far enough behind us to consider having guests again....and for me they seem to be knocking down the door. I decided to re-vamp my Guest Bedroom and have been giving some thought as to what I want them to experience in my home. I started off by sleeping in my own guest room to see what the experience was like. I packed my bag and "moved in"....here is what I've learned! Joyous Decorating! ASHLEIGH

Space is Tantamount
Guests come with lots of "things", so keeping yours to a minimum is imperitive! A few very well placed pieces create all the atmosphere they need and the room for them to lay down their own necessities. On the bed side table I like to proved a water carafe and glass, a great reading lamp and a poesy of lightly scented flowers. An easy to operate alarm clock is a bonus. I like traditional clocks rather than digital because they tend to be smaller and do not glare at you when you are trying to fall asleep in a strange place.

Is It A Guest Bedroom or Your Local Storage
Keep the closet free and clear of all of your clutter. If you are desperate for space, try risers for the bed and plastic under bed storage bins for your pack rat habits. The Container Store offers a myriad of options and if a total clean out of your closet is just not possible, make it very organized with their Elfa System!

Home away from Home
Create a relaxing space that your guest can really relax----hey, they are on vacation!

  • Keep an extra blanket and pillow at the top of the closet and an iron at the bottom.

  • Leave local information like TimeOut, Zagat Guide and public transportation info accessible and up to date

  • A lovely place to sit in the sun, snuggle in a chair or lounge leaves a private place for your guest to relax on their vacation---leave some of your favorite books, magazines or the daily newspaper in a place that they would likely take a moment to themselves!
Most likely you know your guest very well, so take 10 minutes to think of the things that they love and try to incorporate them into their new space within your own! Whether that is leaving them some of their favorite snacks, a lovely cream or a little present they can take home with them---make it special!

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