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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Love Small Dining Areas

There is something very special about the family meal. It's such a great opportunity to sit and discuss your day etc. So it's very important that you create a space that really encourages that, and I think that smaller spaces do that better than larger ones.
This is a room that I did that was directly off the Kitchen, and i think its a great example of how a space can really be stylish but work very practically as well.
Here are some tips:
  • Using a banquette gives you a lot of seating flexibility.
  • A large table no more than 60" across will allow lots of people, but still enable lots of conversation, from side to side.
  • Simple color scheme is good, since there will be a lot of visual chaos.
  • Good lighting is essentila, a blend of surface mounted fixtures and downlights is ideal.
  • This might be a good area for the Family notice board too.


red said...

Mark, hello - interested in ordering your tableaux cloths for a retail store. please contact 830.990.0700 thank you, nikki from red (www.redinfred.com)

Sara L. said...

I just recently discovered your site and really enjoy it, thank you!
Question about the banquette photo in the breakfast room you mentioned. I've thought about doing something like this in a space we have but aren't sure it's large enough. What is the size of that room and the size of that table?
Sara L

Mark Cutler said...

this room is about 10'-0" square, so that created a table that is about 48" square. Once a table is much bigger than that it can get a bit tough to have conversations across the table.


i just love love love this dining place.Great inspiration.