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Monday, October 27, 2008

If Walls Could Sing

I fell in love with a beautiful French hand painted wall paper recently. I originally spotted something similar (turns out it is from the same company) in a magazine but I lost the edition before I could nab the name out of it....as luck would have it I came across it again recently and was even more astounded by the variety of patterns and the versatility.

These fish have really caught my imagination. I am not so sure about the Chicken Figurines but I just find the whole idea so whimsical and fun. I look forward to using this in some delightful place!

Check out all of the wonderous designs at de Gournay

1 comment:

teddymcw said...

Have you seen this 3D wallpaper yet, they jump out and sing http://www.chdmag.com/daily-finds/2008/12/16/3d-paperforms-wallpaper-from-mio