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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remembering Mildred

On Wednesdays we are going to try to "Think Martha" in order to boost your entertaining skills---because really, what good is a beautiful home if you don't share it with friends and family. In working on some ideas I cast back to my Grandmother for inspiration and Mildred was an avid fan of Makers Mark Bourbon! These days I celebrate her memory with a favorite drink of mine which I have named in her honor. It is very simple but I think that the best drinks are. Test it out with a few friends around the fire!

1 Highball filled with Ice
2 shots Makers Mark Bourbon
Fill to top with Ginger Ale, I like the Jamacian style which has more spice than usual in it
Angostura Bitters to taste
Add a Cherry or two for some color and something yummy to eat at the end


emily said...

Hi Mark,
What a great story and a terrifc way to remember Mildred - and the recipe sounds divine!
Thanks for "shouting out" Maker's Mark!
Emily Reid
Maker's Mark Distillery, Inc.

Property Developers Dubai said...

hi Mark,

that is a wonderfully home you have in that picture. Many people in my country simply dream of having a similar fire place installed in their house.

Really need something yummy to eat at the end, Hehe