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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Las Vegas Market Week

Well, first of all thank you to everyone at Las Vegas Market, for putting on a great show. There was a lot to see and it seems that this show is really starting to mature and one that is fast becoming a must see.

Having said that ....what was there to see?

Well, since I have gotten back I have been besieged with computer issues, so there will be no images with this post, but there will be some I hope at the beginning of next week.

As far as trends... obviously GREEN is huge, everybody seems to have a green line, some good and some not so good. There is a huge amount of people doing things with recycled woods, the play of rustic against modern. To be honest that is starting to seem just a little tired by now.

Curiously there was a lot of Moroccan influence, Four Hands had some great Moroccan style lights, as did Roost, Arteriors and a few others. I have to say I saw one of the prettiest outdoor dining chairs at Phillips Collection too. 

There also seems to be a rise in the European rustic look, made popular by the Belgians, I think this is certainly a plus and a trend we are likely to see continue.

All in all, a lot to see, and I look forward to posting some images for you all to see next week.

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