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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not for Everyone, but These Knobs Sure are Beautiful

A lot of what you do as a designer are small little details. They will often go unnoticed, but cumulatively add up to become important parts of the overall design. Cabinet knobs are a good example of that. They will often go unnoticed, (when was the last time you tagged a page of a magazine because you loved the hardware?). 

Anyway, today I went shopping with my client for knobs for her Kitchen. On of my favorite manufacturers is NANZ. Their pieces, while expensive are absolutely beautiful. Check out the pictures above, they come in great finishes and the quality is apparent the moment it touches your hand.

I also like the fact that they are made in the United States (their factory is on Long Island). So next time you are looking for that perfect piece to spruce up your cabinet or to dress up your Bathroom, give them a try. Remember, its all in the details!

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