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Monday, February 16, 2009

Roused by Rope...

Rainy days always bring out my inner "Martha". Last month I made a custom lampshade, and this weekend I decided to take it up a notch and tackle the ugly bar stools at my breakfast counter. I have had them for about a year, unsure if I should just chuck them and start over, or if they could be salvaged somehow.
Inspired by the fabulous Christian Astuguevieille rope pieces at the Holly Hunt showroom, I think I now have a bit of direction...

After web surfing for a while I came across a similar tutorial on the Martha Stewart website (of course). Granted, I am going to be tackling the whole stool, not just the seat, but it is a good starting point as far as materials go. For rope, I am thinking something thick and chunky and maybe even painting it... I am tempted by the golden stool above... thoughts??

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mak917 said...

I like the rope . I can make your kitchen counter out of glass that drips like water and hold it up with rope. Just to match the stool. www.marckonys.com see dripping bar Marc