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Sunday, April 19, 2009

i-Phone App for Book Lovers

I am famous for being hot onto yesterdays bandwagon, so for those of you who are totally tech savvy, you are probably going to be bored by this post, but for the rest of you, I have something you are going to love.

I am forever shopping, whether it be antique stores, swap meets , whatever, and I am constantly coming across books that I want to add to my library, but by the time I get to a pad and pencil, the title is long forgotten. I have tried lots of things, mental notes, cyber notes, but I think I have finally stumbled across an application that really works for me.

Snap Tell, lets you photograph the cover of the book, then using i-Phone magic, directs you straight to a link where you can buy it, or save the search, no typing in titles etc etc, it does it all from the photograph!!! I have tried it on a few books here at home and it's been perfect every time, so if you are like me and love to collect books, its an ideal application.

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