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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Must See Design TV

I am thrilled to announce that we are being featured on a great new series on HGTV. It is called HGTV's Top 10, and each episode features 10 rooms of a particular sort, like Bathrooms, or Libraries, Kitchens etc.

There are lots of great people on here, the first episode, Bathrooms, does not have any of my work, but features work by Andrew Skurman, Nicole Sassaman as well as my personal favorite Vincente Wolf.

The producers were kind enough to select 7 different rooms of mine to feature in the series, so stay tune there are a lot to catch. It is a bit unclear what the regular schedule is, but if you set your TIVO, you can't miss it.

On a side note, it is great to see HGTV embrace some more high end design. These rooms mostly are very, very expensive, but they serve as great inspiration for what quality design is all about.


Sara Baldwin said...

that's fantastic--congratulations and a needed addition to hgtv for sure!

Mark Cutler said...

Thanks! I hope you watch, let me know what you think

[ 3 d b l u r ] said...

Yes... HGTV needed to up the ante and now they have... congratulations Mark!

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