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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Beauty of Aged Leather

There are a few things in the world that get better with age: wine, cheese, handwoven rugs, jeans and art are a few of them. In the world of home decorating, leather can be included in this patinaed line up. A classic club chair covered in classic brown leather can fit into most any décor. The softness and suppleness of leather comes out as it ages. Minor scuffs and crinkling only further add to a classic leather Chesterfield's charm.

The beauty of aged leather can add a sense of history to a room in an instant. A leather club chair or wingback chair can turn a corner of the family room or home office into an English library.  A brown leather sofa, like the one pictured below, can work in many decors. The flaws and age spots of aged leather upholstery give a bit of rustic style to a more contemporary space.

Proper care and attention to leather will help make the investment in leather home décor last for a long time. Ask your designer and furniture dealer about tips for the care and cleaning of leather when you buy a new piece of leather furniture. Vintage leather pieces may already have a few stains, scratches and age spots. You can embrace these as the beauty and character of the piece or ask a trusted furniture cleaner for advice on treatment.  Leather should be treated like our skin. It can dry and crack if not properly hydrated. But the wrinkles and marks should be proudly embraced as a sign of longevity. 


Modern Furniture said...

Awesome leather sofa and good one for living room, Good modern furniture.

Gary Harmon said...

You posted a proof that leather furniture is really good when you want a lasting high quality look. Leather furniture, when properly handled really rocks and will really grow old with your sons/daughters if you have any.