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Friday, April 13, 2012

Decorating with Animal Hides

One of my favorite ways of bringing an exotic feel to a space is by using animal hides on the floor. They’re perfect on hardwoods in the living room or bedroom. They also work well for adding neutral-toned texture and pattern to a room’s décor.

via decoideas.com

I love the look of zebra and cheetah, but of course these aren’t legal, so a painted cowhide which closely resembles these works nicely. They play well in a traditional, eclectic and modern décor when you want a little pop of personality. Other exotic hide lookalikes include giraffe, tiger, jaguar and leopard. Other rugs are made from reindeer and elk hides which go well with a lodge style space.  

Natural cowhides look terrific in a farmhouse, country or modern space and come in a variety of breeds and colors. I like the white hides with brown spots for a fun look.  

Besides looking amazing, they’re inexpensive and highly durable making them a good choice for an active family with children and pets.

There are many sources online to purchase quality hides like Hides & Co. http://www.cowhidesrugs.com. For example, their exotic hides come from Argentina, considered to produce some of the finest quality cow hide rugs. I love the brown one below. They also have a chevron mosaic rug I am pining for. 

To find out more about decorating with animal hides read "Cowhide in Decorating a Home" on one of our favorite design sites, Houzz.com

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