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Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review- The California Casa

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Just my type of book, is how I would describe the new publication by Rizzoli. Lots and lots of pictures, and just enough text to know what is going on.
If you have ever driven around the older, more established neighborhoods of Los Angeles, and wondered what that or that house was like on the inside, this is the book for you. Just flipping through the pages, I saw 4 or 5 houses that I had always admired from the curb, but now get a chance to see what lays beyond the front door.
With just enough description to give you some background on the houses, this book seems to be perfect for the roadside voyeur like me :)

The book features 35 homes from around Southern California, with most of them in the Los Angeles area. I like the choices, with a few selections from areas such as La Canada and Flintridge that are a wealth of sources, that are normally overlooked.


The book is written by Douglas Woods, who had edited two previous books, California Romantica and Classic Homes of Los Angeles, both of which were outstanding. This  time paired with photographer Melba Levick, who manages to give us shots that are both informative and tell the story of the house and moody enough to convey the feeling of each home.

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