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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Power of the Axis

There is a lot to be said for structure. In Interior Design structure can take many forms, but I think it is one of the most vital elements to making your design make sense. One of the most powerful elements of structure is the axis. Using these view lines can give a home continuity from room to room, as well as help build an order within a room, whether using symmetry or a looser arrangement.

  • When beginning to layout your space, lay out the view axis' throughout the room. It could be the view from the Front door, or the view to the fireplace etc. Look also for secondary lines of importance.

  • Having established these lines try to balance around them to give you the most even sense in the room. The simplest method of this is a strict sense of symmetry, this can create a more formal arrangement though.

  • When trying to balance out the room, consider the relative weights of color, light and texture too. By inter playing these ideas you can create a more interesting mix.

  • In the image above you can see that this gallery has a very obvious axis, but the arrangement of furniture on one side and a row of light drapery on the other, balance each other other, without having to resort to symmetry. This can give a space a more dynamic feel.

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