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Monday, May 14, 2007

Top 5 Things for a Powder Room

There are few rooms in the house I would advocate as being jewel boxes. The Powder Room, if you are lucky enough to have one, is one of those spaces. While it has it's obvious practical applications it is a small space that gives you a chance to show off a little. I have done everything from safari themes to marble rooms, dripping with opulence. So decide what it is you want to say, then scream it from the hilltop.

  • Because you are dealing with usually a small space, consider a treatment that might otherwise be too expensive to use on the rest of your home. Whether it be venetian plaster, wall upholstery, or a textured grass cloth. Use your selection to set the tone.

  • Consider lighting, it can be a fine line from practical to flattering. Over the sink I like to use a triangle arrangement; a recessed light, right over the sink, and two decorative sconces at eye height, on either side of the mirror. It creates a shadowless light over the face that is still flattering.

  • I like to use paper towels rather than cotton towels, it seems more hygienic. I usually go to a party store and buy the ultra heavyweight paper dinner napkins. They have a solid linen feel that creates a quiet sense of luxury.

  • The mirror; make it large enough that people can see themselves clearly. I noticed when I sat down to write this that I mostly use pretty simple mirrors. I think it feels a little more elegant that way, and doesn't create a distraction for your visitors.

  • Lastly the faucets, once again I try to err on the side of simplicity. I avoid tricks like hidden or infra red controls, and usually avoid single action faucets too. You want the experience to be as simple as possible for your guests, don't go hiding things or making it more complicated just because you thought it was cool.


The Peak of Chic said...

Mark, all good points. I like the idea of going a little over the top in the design of the powder room.

Linda Merrill said...

great tips! I too love a fabulous jewel box of a powder room!

casapinka said...

Great advice as usual, Mark. I like the idea of simplicity and no gadgets - they get tiresome.

Anonymous said...

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