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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Children's Playroom Built for Inspiration

So many times I have seen well intentioned parents create for their kids a Playroom that only ends up as the one space in the house where the kids can create chaos. I think that that is a shame. In my mind a Playroom should be designed with its use in mind and kept as tidy and as organised as any other room in the house. But the important thing is, it should be designed that way, so it makes it easy for the kids to use, and as importantly, easy for them to keep tidy. Here are some tips on creating an inspiring space for your children:
  • Create "zones" within the room, so that it is clear what activities should be done where. For instance, an area with a hard surface floor is perfect for wet play, like painting, whereas an area with carpet or a rug, could have floor cushions and be ideal for games etc.
  • Keep it versatile. In the playroom above you can see the great area rug. It is made up of carpet tiles that stick to the floor. This way if I need to make the rug bigger, no problem, or if something gets spilled I can take away one tile and replace it.
  • Use Bins wherever possible. The key to keeping everyone organized is to make it simple to use. Bins are by far the easiest way to do this. Be sure to use all different sizes, so that they can be specific to their purpose. Games in one, toy soldiers in another etc. The room above was designed for three kids so each had their own color basket, making it even easier for everyone to keep track of their stuff.
  • Have a desk area where they can work quietly. Try and create at one end of the room , a quiet desk area where they can sit and draw or use a computer.
  • It really helps if you can create a large framed pin board. I like this idea a lot, it will keep all the artwork contained and as it gets full, old ones come down and new ones go up, making a great rotating art display.


The Peak of Chic said...

Yes, bins are really critical to a playroom, aren't they.

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