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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Summer

Summer is one of my favorite times of year. It means long days, vacations and endless blue skies. So I like to find ways to bring a little bit of this feeling into my home. I think it's important that where you live finds a way to reflect the passing seasons. Here are some things you may want to try:

  • I like to give my kitchen a whole new look. I will find new cabinet knobs, change out the towels and napkins to a brighter color (this year it will be tomato red) , change the mat etc, and even bring in a small chili plant to spice things up.

  • Making the house feel fresh, so try and keep the doors and windows open for as long as possible everyday, and introduce a natural scent, like cut flowers, or a scented potted plant, like a geranium. Nothing smells as fresh as the real thing.

  • Having said that, in summer I love to entertain in the garden a lot, so at night my is not as fragrant as I like, so I will augment the regular candles with scented ones, it's amazing what that little boost will do.

  • Keep a bowl of fresh fruit at the door, its a nice splash of color, but is also a great way to mark the season.

  • Swap out the pillows on your bed and sofas. Bring in more pattern and color, it will make the room glow. You might want to concentrate on fruit tones, like yellow and orange.

Bring on Summer!


J Lee said...

Great post. I too like to switch things around come summer - plus the fact that I get bored with things very quickly. haha.

Question: I love opening windows and doors in the summer as well but I live off a busy major street and I have great big windows in the living/dining area but it faces the street and I hate opening it up for the entire world to see inside. Even if it were a one way screen I don't like seeing people walking and driving in front of my window every second either ... any suggestions on how to open the space up?

Mark Cutler said...

Mark is in Europe right now. He'll be back in about a week and I'm sure he'll have some ideas.

Anna (his assistant)