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Friday, May 25, 2012

David D'Imperio's Drop-Dead Gorgeous Lighting

Lighting designer, David D’Imperio creates drop-dead gorgeous light fixtures from an 1880’s post office building in Stony Run, Pennsylvania. He’s won numerous awards and continues to wow with his inventive designs. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites below. Visit his website DavidDImperio.com to view additional works.

Swallow Wall Sconce

Hand-formed stainless steel structure with carved wood wings and polycarbonate shade. 

 It is 6 feet high top to bottom not including its suspension. It has a lacquered hand-turned teardrop counter weight and hand-carved crescent details.

Metallic champagne colored lacquer finish on hand-turned teardrop form.


Silver or gold anodized and engraved aluminum exterior. Silver anodized aluminum interior frame.


Faceted stainless steel exterior. Silver anodized aluminum interior structure. 

 Black anodized aluminum outer matrix. Silver anodized inner frame. 


Stainless steel construction. Made as a ceiling mounted or cable suspended fixture.

Hand-carved wood sides, stainless steel leaf, stem and base.

Virosa Floor Light

Metallic silver lacquer finish on hand-turned vase. Stainless steel base and stems with laminated and dyed wood leaves.

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