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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Round-Up: Decor8, Material Girls, Andie Day...

Can you imagine sitting in a chair worth $29 million? Eileen Gray’s Dragon Armchair, crafted between 1917 and 1919, was recently sold at auction for just that amount! Find out more about furniture that tops the list of most expensive in the world. 

I love getting fresh ceviche every time I go to the beach. We have this quaint little bar and grill we get it at and it’s the best. Recently, the Adventure Life blog posted a tasty recipe for Peruvian ceviche that I can’t wait to make. Check it out…

Andie’s team featured Ralph Lauren’s to-die-for Desert Modern Collection. I’m salivating over the dining table (price tag $17,000) and the dining chairs ($3, 945 each). Take a look at the complete line for an inviting al fresco experience.

I’ve been so busy with Houzz.com lately I haven’t had a chance to get my Pinterest on. But everybody, including Girly Modern, is talking about Pinterest.  They recently posted “10 Steps to Finding Your DesignStyle with Pinterest".

I’ve been fascinated by Absinthe, since I saw the movie Moulin Rouge years ago. While today’s Absinthe doesn’t invoke the green fairy like the wormwood version of early 1900s Paris, there is an art to making it that is intriguing.

Cocktail expert Warren Bobrow mixes one “woven of Absinthe, freshly squeezed, charred grapefruit juice and a splash of Q-Tonic water.”  Get the recipe…

“Abstract art seems to be the “it” thing these days and it’s hard to stay focused on just one artist when there are so many amazing talents out there like Reagan Geschardt,”  writes the Material Girls. “Her current paintings study the interplay of color and light using water and landscapes and things that surround her.” Take a look at the most colorful images you’ll see all weekend.  

Here’s a little project for the weekend when you get in the mood to DIY. Holly over at Décor 8 gives you step by step for making a cute something to hang in your wall. Find out how…

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