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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friday Variety: Design Blog Round-Up

I thought I would take a little trip around the web today and see what our design blogger friends have been up to. I’ve gathered a few of the most enjoyable posts for you to peruse over the weekend. Enjoy!

Get a load of this (or maybe not) the “Bird Poop Chandelier” by Wyatt Little. Design Milk reports that Mr. Little found himself the victim of a drive by pooping from a not-so-fine feathered friend. Inside of getting the pellet gun out, he took the experience and created a beautiful and lighthearted lighting fixture. Read more…

A Museum-Worthy Coffee Maker? I love coffee made with a French press, so I was duly captivated by the promise of the “perfect” cup of coffee via the Chemex. Apparently, so is MoMa as they have its hourglass form displayed in their permanent collection. Read on to find out more about the Chemex, its maker and where to purchase one of your very own (Amazon here I come).

Vodka without a hangover? Really? According to veteran cocktail mixologist, Warren Bobrow, it’s possible. He shares about a very secretive vodka imported from Spain known as Blat. “This is contemplative Vodka. Vodka with flavor all its own. You wouldn’t want to cover up the intriguing aromatics of fresh herbs and citrus zest with uncertain mixers.” Sounds terrific sans the hangover. Read more over at Modenus.com.

Kristie Barnett (the decorologist) says “Just say no to the brass nipple!” We all know about that dreaded builder’s grade lighting fixture with the nipple, well Kristie gives ten smart looking alternatives…Take a look.

Benjamin Moore’s ColorChats.com
Michelle Zakko gives proof that interior doors don’t have to be boring. These painted beauties will have you shopping for paint this weekend. Which one is your favorite? 

I love my baths. They wash away my worries and help me focus on whatever is coming up. While my tub, looks nothing like these spa-worthy ones, a girl can dream can’t she? The bloggers over at Furniture Fashion bring us 10 Sublime Soaking Tubs

Kelly recently posted “The eyecandy appeal of micro- and mini-mosaics” which included stunning examples from Terrafirma, Sicis and Picolo. I need one of these to go with my soaking tub above. Take a look at her post…

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