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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Ravenna Mosaics

If you’re not familiar with New Ravenna’s tile collections, you’ve got to see them!

Sara Baldwin, a native of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, founded New Ravenna Mosaics in 1991. While studying art at the University of Pennsylvania, she created her first mosaic design: a mural of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Her fascination for the ancient craft of mosaics grew and she began her tile business out of her home on the kitchen table.

Today, she employees 100 people, including three specialized mosaic designers. Sara has created mosaic designs for clients such as Madonna, Tom Hanks and the DuPonts. Her company, New Ravenna, continues to grow with new product lines introduced each year.

I couldn’t show all of her glorious designs below, so I picked some of my favorites. To see her lines in their entirety visit her website NewRavenna.com.


Patti Drane said...

Gorgeous mosaics. Thank you for sharing this designers work. I will be sure to see them at the Atlanta Design Center soon.



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sheds brisbane said...

I love the patterns! thanks a lot for the post.

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