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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Design Blog Round-Up: Sunday Edition

NYTimes.com Spaces Channel
“Spaces” is one of the newest YouTube channels being introduced as part of a push into original content. Targeting viewers addicted to HGTV, it promises to be a hipper version focusing on young urbanites. Find out more…

NYTimes.com Going With the Grain
This year quirky craft was nipping at the heels of sleeker machine-made goods which have been the highlight of the show for the past 23 years. “Wafting through the convention center and satellite design exhibitions around town was nostalgia for preindustrial and early industrial technology.” Read more…

Dwell.com: Ten Designers Discuss Knock Offs
"The Real Cost of Rip-Offs" for Dwell's June 2012 issue (on newsstands now)—contains interviews with many design royals sharing their perspectives on the subject of knockoffs and authentic design. With the most provocative quotes highlighted, from discussions of the “evils of Zara to America’s disposable culture” the exchanges promise to be thought-provoking. Read further…

Designer footwear deserves designer digs. Not all women have a shoe thing, but for those that do, it’s only right she have a shoe closet worth bragging about. Furniture Fashion takes a look at ten extraordinary shoe closets. Take a look…

NazmiyalanAntiqueRug.com:  Antique Coptic Textile – Who Is This Mystery Man?
If you don’t know, the Copts (the name “Copt” is derived from the Arabic word for Christians) were known for their beautiful textile production. Many of the earliest textiles and garments were woven from linen and some managed to survive because they were buried with the deceased in a sandy dry environment. Find out more about a textile fragment dating from the fourth to seventh century…

Hotel-inspired home décor is hot right now—Robin Baron of Simplifying Fabulous gives terrific suggestions for getting in that vacation state-of-mind without leaving the house. Plush towels, decadent robes and sleek décor are only a few of the tips Robin has up her sleeve….Check it out.

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