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Monday, June 4, 2007

Answer Day: Wicker

Today's question was posed by a woman, who is a big fan of wicker furniture, but also has young kids. Her concern is whether or not she can incorporate wicker into her home, without fear of the kids ruining it. The short answer to that question is yes, and no. It really depends on the pieces you have in mind.

Like all types of furniture, wicker comes in a variety of qualities and styles, and this will determine it's suitability for your home. The classic designs that we are all used to seeing on the Southern Porch is large with lots of loose weaving, is probably not the best choice, as it has a lot of fairly unsupported pieces that give it it's decoration. On the other hand, there is now a whole group of wicker furniture that is a little simpler in design and works well in almost any situation. The image of the sofa above is a good example of this.

There are several manufacturers that build this furniture too, and like most things, the less expensive the items are (Pier 1 and World Market), the less likely the piece will hold up to lots of stress. I have always had success with Walters Wicker (www.walterswicker.com), they have a great selection of product, that are reasonable in price, but with a quality that I feel good about.

Now, the other option that you have, especially if it is the more decorative kind of wicker that you had in mind, is to choose pieces, other than seating. A decorative plant stand, or occasional table will probably be safe from the onslaught of most kids, but will still give you the look that you are after.

I hope that this has helped, let me know what you decide on.


Fairfax said...

I had a couple of vintage Lloyd Loom wicker pieces which were still in great shape 50+ years later.

bonnie: said...

Thanks for the thorough response.
I use baskets for most of our toys, and beautifully designed ones in the same room I planned on putting the chair, so maybe I'll leave it at that until 1) we can afford a nicer piece, or 2) the kids get older. Which ever comes first!

Jaya said...

Hi Mark,
I'm not sure where to post my Answer Day request, so I'll try here. I do love the wonderful way you bridge the gap between real-life functionality and beautiful design!

My need is related to my home office, one aspect in particular.

I'd like a large wall space where I can dream/plan/organize things in a visual way. I do most of my tasks in my computer, but sometimes I'd like to create NOT with the glare/energy of an LCD screen. For example, I love my giant 2-3' year-at-a-glance calender w/ wet erase markers. It helps me focus on the big picture!

Do you have any ideas for a "dream board" or organizational wall that will inspire me yet not look too cluttered? I've got a 10 sq ft wall space to play with. My taste is organic modern (you can see pics on my blog, which is linked to my post here.)

The Peak of Chic said...

So true- wicker is classic, and you get what you pay for!