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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Resource Day-Before and After

I was going through some old photo's the other day and I came across some shots I had taken in a house, before we started work, and you can see beside it, the completed picture of the new Dining Room. So I thought today, for resource day I would let you in on the resources I used to make this project come to life. Let me walk you through some of the things I did to create more warmth and detail in the space.
  • I decided that the old fireplace needed to go. The mirrored overmantle was serving no real purpose (in my mind a mirror should always give you something to see, and a reflection of the Entry didn't justify it being there). So I removed the mantle and replaced it with a new one, that had more architectural detail. (www.kernswilcheck.com)
  • The next thing was the walls. I decided that wall paper would give me another layer of detail, so I went with this handpainted paper by Cowtan and Tout.
  • In a lot of my projects I custom design pieces to create a unique look, and this was no exception, the chandelier is a custom piece, based on several antiques that I had found. It was made for me by the guys at Paul Ferrante (www.paulferrante.com)
  • The chairs too, were made especially for me, based on some photograph's of some antiques that I had seen. This is not an unusual request, sometimes antiques are too small in scale or too delicate to use in situations where they will get a lot of use, so reproducing them is always a good option. Just make sure that you find someone who works in that style, and Richard Mulligan specialises in early American, so was the perfect choice (www.richardmulligan.com) .
  • The table is a design by Formations in Los Angeles, they are part of the Dennis and Leen group, and unfortunately do not have a web presence, but if you are in Los Angeles a trip to their Melrose Ave showroom is not to be missed.
  • Now for some of the other pieces in the room. The white wrought iron console on the right, is actually an old balcony that I purchased and repurposed from a terrific Architectural Salvage yard that I frequent, Scavengers Paradise (www.scavengersparadise.com) . And the stunning metal sconces on either side of the fireplace come from Mecox Gardens (www.mecoxgardens.com ) one of my favorite stores in L.A. and with stores on the East Coast too.

Well, that gives you an insight into who I use, I know it's a bit out of the ordinary for Resource Day, but I thought it might be helpful.


J Lee said...

i love how the room just lightened up ... great job & great post.

The Peak of Chic said...

You did a super job Mark. I love all of the custom pieces!

Fairfax said...

Mark... what a transformation! Brilliant job.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, that although this room is all white, it has such warmth and is so inviting! I would love to have dinner in this room any time! I can imagine it is such a great place to entertain--

Anonymous said...

hello im the nephew of the person that owes scavenger paradise and thank you for the comment.